My Daily Routine

When you see some of these blog people their morning routine is so complicated and with so many products it can be confusing. When I did my transition to the vegan lifestyle I had to look at the morning routine I’ve been doing for years. Turns out most of the products I was using was not good for me or for the planet. I did not feel comfortable using products that were tested on animals and harmful to me. So after much research I finally found the routine that works for me and my needs.

As someone who is a caffeine addict I’ve always had a problem with my teeth getting stained. I tried most whitening toothpastes but nothing did the job and I wasn’t sure on getting them done. During one of my usual TjMaxx trips I found this brand and figured might as well. Let’s put it this way if it was legal I would marry this toothpaste. In just under a month it has made my smile brighter. You can either purchase from their website or your local TjMaxx which is probably cheaper. I paid $7 for this compared to the $20 from their website.

Out of all the lotions I’ve tried The Body Shop is one of my favorite brands. This lotion does not make my face oily and even has SPF in it. Now Tan-Luxe is one of my new favorite products. Once a week I add 2 drops to my lotion and evenly apply it on my face and neck. The lotion is $23 but I usually wait until their sales and the Tan-Luxe is $49 on Sephora and ULTA. While Tan-Luxe is a little pricey it lasts forever and is worth it.

I received this as a Hanukkah present last year and have been in love since. It does not have clumps and gives your lashes a lift and highlights your eyes. You can get it at most stores such as Sephora/Ulta but you can also get it on their website for $24 but you can also use a 20% off when you sign up for emails!

My mom first told me about this brand a few years ago and it is my favorite go to for my lips. I wore this brand for all my sorority recruitment’s, conferences and even every day. There are so many colors for every personality and look you want to go for. The one I wear the most is Naked, you get that nice nude color that also lasts all day and easy to come off. You can order from the Jouer cosmetics website for $18 ( and a 15% off when you sign up.) If you also follow Christina Zilber you can also use her 15% off code.

As I mentioned before I am a caffeine addict but I am also a Trader Joe’s addict. Not only do they have amazing food but their beauty products are also SUPER awesome. The toner gives you a nice, fresh feeling and it is not tested on animals. You can find it at your local Trader Joe’s for $3.99! WHAT A STEAL!

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