Unicorn Noodle Bowl

As I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago I saw a picture of unicorn noodles. SSSOOO if you don’t know those are basically clear noodles that were soaked in red cabbage water. As I was looking at recipes I saw that none had any nutritional value to it. The recipes were basically noodles with lime or lemon (which I will talk about later.) So I decided to make my own spin on the recipe. N


. Red Cabbage

. Water

. Shirataki noodles

. Kale

. Mushrooms

. Bell peppers

. White mushrooms

. Tossables aka pre-marinated already baked tofu in Garlic and Herb

. Eggplant

. Cucumber

. Carrots

. Lemon juice

. Soy Sauce


First things first, boil some water! I measured out two cups of water and let that boil. As you wait for the water to boil cut up your red cabbage, you’re going to want to use a good amount since that is what turns to color. After the water starts to boil you put the red cabbage in and start on the noodles! You’re going to want to dump the noodles into a strainer and run it under some water for a few minutes. Then dump the noodles into the purple water and let them sit for a few minutes then BAM blue noodles!


While the noodles are chilling in the water you’re going to want to chop up your vegetables. After chopping those up you’re going to saute up your kale, eggplant and mushrooms. It’s pretty easy just add some oil and throw in your veggies. I added a little garlic seasoning for taste but I like the natural flavor of vegetables. After adding that lower the heat the medium heat, the kale and mushrooms got done before the eggplant so take those out. You’re going to want to wait until the eggplant is soft then removed that from the pan.

The Finished Product

You’re going to want to combine your noodles, tofu and veggies into a bowl and top it off with a little lemon juice. The lemon juice reacts with the noodles to change it’s color to pink (gotta love chemistry). I added a little soy sauce for an extra flavor but it will also taste good with the lemon!


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