Beauty Review Jouer Tan Lines

So I may be lazy but I love makeup! Now one brand I’m obsessed with is Jouer. Now I’ve mentioned this in my Morning Routine post but Jouer is a brand you need to be obsessed with. It’s cruelty free makeup that comes in all different shades and styles. If you want to wear grunge makeup they have stuff for that. No matter what your mood they have a product for you.

On June 5th they released their Tan Lines collection which is below. So of course I ordered the whole bundle because why the hell not. Now you my lovely readers will be getting an honest and as usual blunt review on this collection.

When I came home from work I felt like a small child on their birthday. As I ripped the package open I didn’t know what the expect. I carefully opened the eyeshadow palette and I think I had a heart attack. Each one of the shadows popped and I had a sudden erge to cry it was so pretty. With each box I opened I couldn’t wait to decorate my face with gorgeous colors. Now in the picture above everything I used on my face is Jouer so as you can tell I love the brand. For my face I use the Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation in bronze.


Now the eyeshadow was what I was most excited for. It’s called Tan Lines Matte, Shimmer & Luxe Foil Eyeshadow Palette. The palette is $34 which is a pretty good price for how amazing the palette is. So I am a nanny for a cute little baby and if you have ever watched or had a baby you know how you go from 0- OH DEAR LORD pretty quick. Well when I came home after a long day of pools and walks in 89% humidity my eyeshadow LOOKED THE SAME! It didn’t into the creases or slide down my face it stayed still and pretty!

The colors run from a light peachy color to a bright shimmer blue to a yellow as bright as a Starburst. You can easily blend the colors and have high color payoff. Now a tip I learned is to use your finger with the foil shades for a higher pigment.


Now I do not like blush, every time I wore blush I felt like an 80’s cheerleader who didn’t use a mirror. This blush palette is a dual brush palette called- Cheeky Summer. There are two shades Terracotta Sands and Hot Coral. Now if I could marry this palette I would. In the picture above I used the Terracotta Sands and felt fab! All I did was use my blush brush, sweep the powder and apply to my cheeks and BAM! In my opinion it’s not just a blush but you get that highlight look as well which I love that shiny look! For $30 you may think it’s not worth it but BY GEORGE this needs to be in everyone’s makeup collection.


Now last but not least the lip gloss! I have been obsessed with Jouer lip cremes and gloss for YYYYEEEAAAARRRSSSSS! My lips are one of my favorite features besides my eyes and I love to dress them up. In the photo above I am wearing Duochrome High Pigment Pearl Lip Gloss in Sea Glass. There are two colors and are both $17 each. The Sea Glass is a gold pink color that makes you feel like Aphrodite and Beach Daze which is a magenta cooper color which I can’t even describe how it makes me feel!

So if you want to spunk up your look for summer these products are a must have! These products will make you feel like your best self while looking FANTASTIC! The website is and the collection is Tan Lines also follow the company on your social media accounts to get all the latest updates.

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