Vegan Lox Recipe

Growing up in a big Jewish family bagel and lox was always a staple to my diet. Since going vegan last August I haven't had it since and I honestly miss it! So with the help of Pinterest and my Jewish mother I came up with the perfect vegan lox even your bubbe would love.... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Cold Ramen

Ingredients . Ramen . Squash . Zucchini . Spinach . Mushrooms . Cucumbers . 2tbsp Peanut Butter . 1 tbsp Soy Sauce . 1tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil . 2tbsp Water . Red Pepper flakes . Avocado Oil Step 1 Heat up a pot of water until boil. While you're waiting chop up your squash, zucchini... Continue Reading →

Pumped Up Pumpernickel

Ingredients . Pumpernickel bread . Juicy tomatoes . Cucumbers . Vio-Life Feta Cheese . Olive Oil . Parsley or Mixed Greens . Italian seasoning Step 1 Toast your bread, while that's toasting slice up your tomatoes and cucumbers. Step 2 Once your bread is toasted add the tomatoes, cucumbers and Vio-Life feta (which is vegan... Continue Reading →

Beauty Review Jouer Tan Lines

So I may be lazy but I love makeup! Now one brand I'm obsessed with is Jouer. Now I've mentioned this in my Morning Routine post but Jouer is a brand you need to be obsessed with. It's cruelty free makeup that comes in all different shades and styles. If you want to wear grunge... Continue Reading →

Caesar Salad with A Kick

Okay so Cesar salad is amazing but ssssooooo unhealthy! You know when you're craving something and need to have it? That's how I felt Sunday so I rumaged though my fridge and made my own Caesar salad! Ingredients Kale or any type of lettuce or spinach tomatoes cucumber green olives (or black) red onion 2... Continue Reading →

Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme

I love Taco Bell, if I had to chose a fast food to eat Taco Bell is my number one choice. Taco Bell is so amazing they're even coming out with vegan options! Now you just have to tell them to take out the cheese and sour creme plus replace the meat with beans. After... Continue Reading →

Philly Finds

For Memorial Day weekend me and my friend decided to go up to Philadelphia. As a Political Science major the only things I knew about Philly was AAALLLLL that historical stuff, I knew nothing about their vegan food. I read blogs, stalked on Instagram and even called places. Let's put it this way, if you... Continue Reading →

Disney Princesses That Are Vegan

Pocahontas Pocahontas could convince anyone to go vegan. She convinced John to change his way about how he looks at the world and even has a bad ass song to prove it. Pocahontas threw herself on top of John to save him, there's a good chance she would tie herself to a tree. "But I... Continue Reading →

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