Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme

I love Taco Bell, if I had to chose a fast food to eat Taco Bell is my number one choice. Taco Bell is so amazing they're even coming out with vegan options! Now you just have to tell them to take out the cheese and sour creme plus replace the meat with beans. After... Continue Reading →

Philly Finds

For Memorial Day weekend me and my friend decided to go up to Philadelphia. As a Political Science major the only things I knew about Philly was AAALLLLL that historical stuff, I knew nothing about their vegan food. I read blogs, stalked on Instagram and even called places. Let's put it this way, if you... Continue Reading →

Disney Princesses That Are Vegan

Pocahontas Pocahontas could convince anyone to go vegan. She convinced John to change his way about how he looks at the world and even has a bad ass song to prove it. Pocahontas threw herself on top of John to save him, there's a good chance she would tie herself to a tree. "But I... Continue Reading →

The best F*cking salad EVER

One day after working out I was CRAVING salad! Yup you heard me I was craving a freaking salad! For years salad has always been crapped on for being boring and lame. Which depending on where you get your salad from it could taste very bland. As I was running around my kitchen starving I... Continue Reading →

Sriracha Coconut Ramen Bowl

When most people think of ramen they get flashbacks of eating it for two months straight. I only ate it for a few weeks during my summer semester so it wasn't TO bad! When I first started to learn how to cook a few years ago I found a recipe for a vegetarian ramen bowl... Continue Reading →

Unicorn Noodle Bowl

As I was scrolling through Instagram a few days ago I saw a picture of unicorn noodles. SSSOOO if you don't know those are basically clear noodles that were soaked in red cabbage water. As I was looking at recipes I saw that none had any nutritional value to it. The recipes were basically noodles... Continue Reading →

Let your journey BEGIN!

Thanks for joining me! Whenever someone mentions vegans they just see that person yelling at them for eating a burger or throwing red paint at the New York Fashion Week. You get turned away from the idea that maybe you can do this, you don't want to be made fun of or feel like your... Continue Reading →

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